Jewellery Asset Management

Gemstones are finite resources and were the earliest investments known to humans. Since their discovery gems were deemed as rare and having incredible value. Diversifying your portfolio to include rare gems and jewellery can minimise risk and also gives you an experience of owning luxury products that are wearable and has the potential to gain a meteoric rise in their value. Coloured diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds have enjoyed unbroken price rises over the past decade at leading auction houses and we would be happy to assist you in investing in this ever growing sector.

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House of Meraki is the pioneer in jewellery asset management in the UK and owns the trademark for it. We had the vision in seeing potential in gemstone and jewellery investments early on and our clients have benefited from our long and short-term investment strategies. Our team of expert evaluators and seasoned jewellery professionals will provide assistance with evaluation of your current jewellery collection, disinvestment of your jewellery assets; purchase of investment grade stones; repair and customisation of your jewellery; high jewellery consultancy; auction placements, and thorough aftercare, including storage solutions. We enjoy access to world leading auction houses to ensure you receive the best possible pricing for your investments. We absolutely guarantee that any piece purchased from us can be placed in auction at a premium.

House of Meraki is your ultimate solution for safe investments in gemstones, reliable advice, convenient service, and complete client confidentiality.

"To hold a beautiful gemstone in your hand is really something very special."

Franca Sozzani

Our services include:

  • Auction Placement
  • Storage solutions
  • Jewellery transportation
  • Disinvestment solutions
  • Assistance in purchasing investment grade stones and jewellery
  • Management of high value jewellery assets
  • The re-creation of heirloom pieces into modern jewels
  • Representation for high value purchases and sale

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