Journey from precious to priceless

We envision our emeralds to a woman and the diamonds around them to a dress. They enhance the appearance of the wearer, but never overshadow her beauty.


From the time emeralds were discovered, close to 4,000 years ago, they have adorned the most powerful men and women in history. At House of Meraki we feature emeralds in contemporary designs as a reflection of the bold personality of today’s women. Our high jewellery is a service similar to what Cartier and Boucheron provided to the Maharajas in the early 20th century. We showcase exceptional quality emeralds, diamonds and pearls in jewellery created by fine Italian craftsmen or recreate heirlooms into modern statements.

Our Emeralds

Our emeralds are sustainably sourced from mines in Zambia and Colombia. Our Zambian emeralds come from Kagem, the world’s largest emerald mine. We also own an enviable stock of Kamakanga emeralds, which brought Zambian emeralds to the spotlight owing to their intense hue and clarity. Kamakanga emeralds are considered scarce and highly valued due their limited availability in the market.

In House Lapidary

Rough emeralds are transformed into spectacular gem stones at our in house lapidary in Jaipur. Our skilled artisans have mastered the art of emerald cutting passed down over seven generations. Emerald cutting is an intricate process and is mostly done by hand; one wrong move can cause a major loss to the final beauty and value of the stone. Our lapidary is able to produce emeralds in different shapes and sizes to intricate carvings adding personality to each piece we produce. Each emerald is carefully chosen for our high jewellery pieces to create a spectacle worth noting.

“It’s the theatrical aspect of jewelry that fascinates me.”

coco Chanel


We design in house or collaborate with renowned designers to work on high jewellery commissions and don’t limit ourselves to our own house style. We believe these incredibly rare emeralds deserve the best resources in the world to unleash their inconceivable beauty.


Our high jewellery pieces are handcrafted at our boutique atelier in London, run by a family of Italian craftsmen. Our workshop features tools of Salvador Dali bringing in a wealth of high jewellery experience to our creations. Each high jewellery piece is produced with the utmost care and attention and sometimes takes months to be created. Our artisans dedicate themselves to micro pavé set every tiny gemstone and achieve a level of craftsmanship, which is par excellence. Each high jewellery piece is a unique piece of art and will be cherished by generations to come.

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