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 A contemporary celebration of rarefied beauty

Emeralds have been revered through the ages, across cultures, religions, and continents, for many thousands of years. Worshipped by the Incas, the Aztecs, and even Cleopatra herself - they are one of the oldest gemstones known to mankind, with mysterious depths that effortlessly entrance all who admire them.

House of Meraki, the ‘emeralds first’ fine jewelry Maison, celebrates the extraordinary beauty of these gems in its newly launched ‘Enigma’ collection. A contemporary curation of modern yet timeless designs explores the complex ideals of perfection and womanhood, played out in the finest emeralds and white diamonds. “No emerald, or woman, is perfect,” explains founder and creative director Gargi Rathi. “Virtually every emerald displays natural inclusions - they often present an intricate Jardin of organic details - mirroring our own imperfect beauty. Every piece within this collection is a miniature work of art to be passed down the generations; I want each jewel to celebrate the myriad, beautiful qualities we all have, perfect or otherwise.”

Earrings are a focal point of the collection - an array of studs, huggies and hoops feature artful silhouettes that allow each stone to take center stage. Versatility is also paramount, reflected in the selection of studs and petite drop earrings that can be dressed up or down to suit everyday wear, while one-of-a-kind pieces, such as the oversized ‘Tiara’ hoop earrings, demonstrate the maison’s flair for crafting breathtaking bespoke jewels.

Echoing the earring offering is a chic assortment of rings, which will suit any stack. Elegant ‘Toi et Moi’ designs are repurposed to represent the compelling duality of femininity: strong yet gentle, assertive yet intuitive, empowered yet nurturing. These delicate designs are accompanied by striking statement rings: the ‘Rania’ ring features a flurry of emeralds and diamonds swirled into a hypnotic display, while the ‘Sienna’ ring showcases a diamond-set spiral that embraces the finger with a pure stream of scintillation, culminating in a single eye-catching emerald. For those seeking the uppermost echelon of Enigma, there is the ‘Aura’ bracelet - featuring 4.37 carats of vibrant emeralds that showcase their allure in every silhouette.

Brought to life in the maison’s London-based atelier, the Enigma collection features sustainably sourced emeralds hand-selected by Gargi, who presides over each stone as it is ushered from the mine to final design. Sourcing Zambian emeralds exclusively from Gemfields, House of Meraki is synonymous with world-class emeralds; cut, polished, and mounted by international artisans with unparalleled savoir-faire.

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