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Gargi Rathi is better known as the "Emerald Lady". Her passion for the gemstone blazed a trail for House of Meraki -the first emerald focused fine jewellery brand in the world.


Gargi's childhood was no stranger to the beauty of gorgeous gemstones. She recounts some of her earliest memories vegetable shopping with her mother in the local Zambian Tuesday market each summer. Amidst the weekly affairs, it was the emerald miners on the side of the street that stole the show. At the time, people knew little about the value of Zambian emeralds but the sight of those fascinating gems stayed with Gargi throughout her youth.

Gargi put her dream to practice when she completed a course in Gemmology, and learnt about fascinating emeralds from all over the world. Today, those emeralds bring a dazzle to the global jewellery market, sourced directly from the mines in Zambia and Colombia, shaped in- house with the best cutters in Jaipur, and mounted by Italian craftsmen with a European aesthetic in her very own boutique atelier in London.

The Brand

Gargi continues to turn fragments of frenzy into immaculate ready-to-wear & bespoke high jewellery via her ability to challenge the ordinary. The brand caters to a range of budgets and tastes as it harmonizes humble heritage with contemporary sensibilities.

Founder’s Note

Whether one of our affordable pieces is your first-ever rendezvous with fine jewellery as a girl or then a piece you choose as an experienced atelier, it is no wonder that I want every woman to own a Meraki emerald. A statement to remind her always, she is unique and it is her time to shine.

Creative Director & Founder
Gargi Rathi